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Trends Over Time, By Merchant and By Catagory



  • majic

    you can kind of merge the features here with the cashflow feature, it just depends on how you want to slice/dice

    in addition to the above filters you can just do the aggregate expenses vs income over time (predefined or user selected time periods)

  • Allie Burns

    I would like to see pie charts for the spend by category, and to be able to choose the time frame that I’m viewing

  • Joe Liam

    This was a valuable feature of Mint, what they called “Monthly”, with a Spending Categories overview that was very useful!

  • Jennifer Browning

    Trend of income and expense by month and able to drill in by category and compare to budget

  • YW55

    I would like to be able to see my Total Spending per month over the year and total Spending by Year over the last decade.


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