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Create Future Budgets




  • Official comment
    Adam Mitchell

    We will be rolling out rollover budgets very, very soon. This will allow an individual to decide if overages/shortages should be carried over for next month's budget. Future budgets is an interesting idea and I'll talk that over with our product team.

  • Andrew Roberts

    I feel future budgets would still be useful, and I especially would love to see the ability to set budgets with a fully custom recurrence period, like quarterly, or every 2 months, or once a year, etc. And make that budget spread out over the intervening time between each occurrence (so, if something is $60 every 6 months, it "withholds" $10 every month, so that when the actual expense rolls around, you've automatically saved the $60 just by following your normal budget). Or even better, make that an optional toggle.

    Mint had this feature, although it never worked quite right for me. It would subtract the monthly amount from each month's budget, but then when the month with the actual expense came around, that month's budget would still be reduced by the full expense amount, so that system effectively was "removing" twice the needed amount from my overall budget.


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