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Be able to edit pending transactions



  • Brett Mays

    Yes yes yes this!!!! It is very frustrating and debilitating to my workflow to have to keep track of each transaction and check multiple times to see when it may have posted/when Piere recognizes it is posted. Either allows us to edit pending transactions as soon as they are available in Piere, or let us manually enter a transaction that then auto-reconciles with the associated transaction that is later imported so that we can enter details ASAP after the transaction actually happens.

  • Rodrigo O

    I agree! Would be nice to do this as sometimes it takes 3-4 days to update.

    e.g. say I want to push a $1,000 flight I'm not using until 3 months from now, and I want to reflect the cost on my flight month. I can't do it until it's been processed, so it's reducing my budget this month for 3 days, and my budget total is unusable unless I manually reduce the amount.

  • Allie Burns

    I agree with this!! I want to edit the categories soon after I complete the transaction so I can remember what it is. For instance, I buy different things at Amazon or Walmart, like necessities versus discretionary spending and need to recategorize so I remember what it was (especially for split transactions). That way, clothing isn’t hitting my groceries bucket or vice versa. It’s hard to remember the exact amounts several days later and it’s a pain to keep up with paper receipts


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